I was born in Rome and I came to art early in my life. I'm a Ph.D. in Mathematics, but before being a mathematician I'm a painter as art has always been a central theme in my life.
I attended the Art School "Accademia di Arti e Mestieri" in Rome but most of the times I have learned by myself.

I paint with oil almost always, although I like to explore different techniques.
A vibrant palette is something that is of utmost importance even though I like to explore the power of black and white composition.

My style has been continuously evolving drawing inspiration from both my personal life and the world around me. Influences have been coming both from figurative and abstract expressionist artists. 
In my early works, I captured timeless moments of perfect tranquility suggested by some real places, in a sort of photo-album memory.

More recently inspiration has come from photographs (more often my own), seeing some abstract elements in figurative subjects.  My paintings, now, are no more about a precise place or known people, they are about the idea of what place or people have suggested to me. I would like to make paintings that told stories and suggested things.

In this sense, they still constitute a sort of intimate diary.

The creative process is what really appeals to me and painting, itself, is what I wish to continue to explore this for a long while to come.


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